Food Safety Test Kit

Products: Melamine (MEL) Rapid Test Kit
Article Number Product Name specification
102069D Melamine Rapid Test Kit (Milk) 10pcs/set

Product Introduction

• High sensitivity
• High reproducibility
• Fast result in 5 minutes
• Easy to interpret the result
Kit Information

• Negative (MEL < 0.5 ppm): T line is even or darker than C line.
• Positive (mel ≥ 0.5 ppm): T line is invisible or lighter than C line.y
• Invalid test: If C line does not show which means the test cassette is out of efficacy, out of date or improper operation.

  Please run the test again using another package. If the invalid tests keep happening, please contact the local distributor.





Samples Sensitivity(ppb)
Milk 500


Kit Content
•Test cassette
•Microtiter well strips
•12X2 microtiter well carrier