Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

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Genomic DNA Extraction Kits:

  Test Sample Best Productivity Reaction Time Preparation
Culture Cell DNA

107 x Cultured cells

60µg 40 minutes 100/300
Blood DNA 300µl of whole blood / 200µl of buffy coat 50µg  100/300
Tissue DNA 25mg Tissue 50µg 30 minutes 100/300
Plant Genomic DNA 100mg Fresh plant tissue 50µg 30 minutes 100/300
Bacteria/Fungi DNA

109 Bacteria / 5x107 Fungus cells

50µg 30 minutes 100/300
Stool DNA 30mg Stool 50µg 30 minutes 100/300
Soil DNA 30mg Soil 30µg 30 minutes 100/300
Cell-Free DNA 400µl Serum / 400µl Urine 30µg 30 minutes 100

‧Product Advantages

• Stable recovery rate and longer lifespan with patented glass fiber memberane design.

• Simplified protocol, easier for beginners to operate.

• All the parts are made in Taiwan or  from Nalgene, assembled in Taiwan.

• A great technical support to help the customers finding the best condition for extraction even in rare test samples.

‧Operating Procedure