Products: M965/M965+Microplate Reader



• Wavelength Range: 340-900nm
• Measuring Method: End point, Two points, Kinetics
• Provides microplate shaking and temperature control
  for incubation.
• The software comes with the reader lets users contril
  the measuring method, shaker, incubator and analysis
  the data through PC or laptop.
• With EC In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices certificated


 Model Number  M965 / 965+
 Wavelength Range

M965: 400~900nm


 Optical System  8 channels, 1 reference channel
 Filters 8
 Well Type 96 
 Measurment Range 0.000~4.000Abs 
Measurment Time  <5 second 
Measurment Modes End point, Two Point, Kinetics
Accuracy +/- 0.005Abs or 2%
 Linearity  +/- 1% from 0.000 to 3.000Abs
Precision <0.2% CV from 0.000 to 2.000Abs
<0.5% CV from 2.000 to 3.000Abs
Resolution 0.001Abs
Data Storage

Parameter 100 sets,

Data 50 sets,

Calibration 20 sets

Interface RS232 or USB
Incubator +3℃~50
Weight 14kg